Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trick Call Reloaded

He turned around to face the door
His eyes glued to the floor
But if you think he was loathing
He was sooo not leaving

He fed his gaze on her nude frame
Delighted with her game
He took short steps towards her spot
Somewhere, he lost the plot


  1. Riveting! I hope by 'somewhere, he lost the plot' you're not somewhat implying that you're not going to 're-reload'...? please do!

  2. Dear Antye504, I think I will add a third and call it 'Resolution'. Sorry to the makers of the Matrix trilogy. ;-)

  3. I definitely would have lost the plot...pure trance...

  4. Yeah right!
    Who gets to such a poit and loses the plot.? A wanger?
    Unless 'the plot' is the concealed intentions of the game herself.

  5. Very discerning, Posekyere. Very. My device was to present her as a games player who does not finish what she starts.

  6. drum roll................. i tot the match was just abt to start. He better find this spot ooo... can't leave us hanging like that

  7. *Hehehe* The weakness of men and the cunning, wily ways of (some) women..

  8. As you say, Abena. I think all women have wiles, but not all practise them.


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