Friday, July 24, 2009

Kiddo Convo

I have kept the candid company of Tender Age, Youth and Twilight Years. I have heard each category’s care-less chatter. It’s dropped my jaw since juvenile to jack into all this jol talk that does not seem to mature. We always talk a jugful about other people’s business. Even when we juggle the more solemn subjects, what we say and how we say it does not ‘sophisticate’ with age.


  1. yes Nana,
    it's better that way!

    i've come to feel so!

    keeps the blood running younger and full of 'vitamins'. works wonders on the brain!

    all those 'sophisticated' are nothing in the eyes of the child anyway! what's a man-child to care really!

  2. Reminds me of a line in Barry White's- I love you just the way you are- "...i don't want clever conversation." I think when you are with friends it really doesn't matter.

  3. Yes, Novisi, it's better that way!

  4. I agree, Savvy, if you need to be 'somebody else' to impress the people to you talk to, maybe you should not talk to them at all.

  5. Age is a very important factor in terms of wisdom and speech. How we say what therefore is affected by age

  6. I am afraid I do not agree with you, Edward. Age and experience are overrated as far as wisdom goes!


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