Saturday, June 13, 2009

Public Bathroom Floor

This public bathroom floor
Was so messy and poor
To catch the 'animals' with proof
I went tracking each hoof.


  1. This is a proof
    that the hoof
    is hooked

  2. lol @ Standtall.
    You got me thinking on this one Nana. I think i got it..but tell me what hoof is supposed to be please? Or is this poem not meant to be dissected? lol
    And by the way I am so happy to be back on ur blog this monday morning. You are my number one cheerer-upper.

  3. Oh Ada, I am happy you are back. Was worried about your weekend, from your last post.

    Hoof really mean hoof. I'm saying the floor was so messy with footprints that I was thinking whoever did that was really a beast and not a person. :-)

  4. lol a lot of people are beasts I've come to find out after working the night shift at a large gas station for a year.
    I appreciate your concern too much..thank you :-)

  5. Yes, Ada, maybe a beast or two would read this and be shamed to acceptable social behaviour.


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