Monday, June 15, 2009


TV3 is airing pithy promos for its premier sports programme – SPORTS STATION. They are bruiting about marquee sportsmen and women to catch the fire in people’s minds. On Saturday, they advertised a game of GULF. I know! It strongly suggests a curious contest in which the duellists bivouac themselves on opposite coastlines, and try to pilot petit, pockmarked balls across. Interestingly, they allied such a strange sport with a certain TIGER WOODS, who already governs the popular game – GOLF.


  1. What? they advertised a sport named "GULF"?

  2. So much for not employing (competent) proof-readers, no? :)

  3. lol..this reminds me of all foreigners who don't know the language here who write signs in public that starts meaning something completely different than what they really want to say. Sometimes they're trying to adverstise vegetables but end up with somehting perverse.I don't know why people don't check what they write before they put it out?

  4. Lol. Would you like to give a specific example?

  5. lol I have some for you, allthough they would never make you laugh like me because it's in Norwegian
    1)They're trying to say they have pizza in the freezer - instead they say they've pissed in the freezer.
    2) Hair dresser : "Here we cut, curl and trim. Do your groin today!" (What they meant to say was "Take the step today")
    3) They're trying to advertise CUTLERY but instead they write a different word which sounds more like "Cutler cock/dick"
    4) They're trying to advertise a remote controlled mouse (for computers) but end up writing "A deluted mouse"

  6. :)gulf,'s the same to some of us. English is just not our thing. If we dey talk twi tins....eheeeeeeeee!

  7. @ Adaeze... Lol. I will think up some in Ghana for you, ok?

    @ Esi... That is true oo!

  8. Would love that Nana. I don't forget so I will be sure to remind u if u take too long :-P

  9. Ada, I can straightaway think of the artisan who was advertising that he was doing 'Grass Cutting' when he really talking about 'Glass Cutting'. (I've seen this myself, I swear)

    In Kumasi, I also saw on the rear windscreen of a minibus "Groly be to God".

    Trying to gather more.

  10. Hahahaha Groly be to God! Indeed indeed...People seem to like to write about God on their buses. I guess it is understandable given the traffic..
    You need to check out this I think it's more than hilarious..

  11. Ah yes, Gulf. The editor was on vacation perhaps?

    Anyway, I STRONGLY recommend you check out this website

    Disclaimer: I am NOT liable for any pains that you may experience from laughing so hard.

  12. @ Adaeze, saw this at Tarkwa the other day:
    "Anioted Hands Beauty Saloon"

    Saw what appears below last Friday at Adabraka:
    "Pic fit available here"

  13. Dear Raine, I will check it out as soon as I can find a bandage to tie up my midsection as a precaution.

  14. Kiz, lol at the second one. They meant 'Pig Feet', right?

  15. Rotfl at all those examples!
    I saw:
    Young Joe Engeering,
    Unique Fations,
    Great Withness Church,
    Uposry done here!

  16. our media is such a mess!

    they even do worse than the Gulf of Guinea!


  17. That is killer instinct for you.
    In almost all cities, towns and villages across Ghana, we have these signs and banners that seem to serve only one purpose: advertise our severe case of slovenliness.
    But, geez, we need the laughter. Don't we?
    Bless NY!

  18. Slovenliness is sharp, Posekyere!


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