Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teshie-Nungua Township in the City of Accra

T-N is moored along, and hermetically hugs, the built-up coastal highway from La two-thirds of the way to Tema, in southern Accra – a community which sorely suffers from runaway population. The dual carriageway arrives from La, and aborts just before Teshie. Many times, I’m told, the T-N people have robustly resisted attempts by successive governments to broaden their stretch of the highway. The people are completely content with their all-purpose, sleep-and-work-in kiosks, which are almost anchored on the street, and only separated in places by iron railings. The street surfaces are, past Labadi Beach Hotel, old, dusty or potholed. There is a mercenary conspiracy between transport vehicles and chronic, chaotic, street criss-crossers to make a thick jam of the traffic. Still, T-N boasts of the Otu Military Barracks, Harbin, a bowling house, a decent police station, numerous nice hotels and cool, sandy beaches. It also has at least one nice residential area. Driving through after 9 pm, last night, I saw so many people peddling bread, soap powder and the usual in the traffic.


  1. it's a whole life!

    wake up on one side of the street and go to brush one's teeth on the other side only to return to take breakfast and then head back again to the other side still to play drought! then the many who dare their own lives by selling every and anything weaving between vehicles!

    part of my short life was molded in these circles and i just feel the emotion rushing down my veins! emotions oh!

    ok, but these folks must wake up and live life off the streets some!

  2. Thanks for not tearing me apart, then, Novisi. Didn't know you'd lived there. :)


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