Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random Questions

So what, if Rawlings reviewed A Quarter Guard?
Haven't Wenger & Arsenal played a master card?
How do we really feel about Pirate Bay?
Would another python dare attack a man today?


  1. Pertinent questions Nana Yaw....
    What is the big deal about Ex-President Rawlings inspecting a quarter guard. Would it have been a bigger deal if it was a half guard?
    Had never heard of Pirate Bay until they were closed down and founders jailed...mmm or did you mean Pirate Bay over in the Red Sea?
    Go Gunners!!!

  2. Rawlings makes the stomach of some turn no matter what! so big deal!!! as for me, i'd only ask if it's allowed!

    the gunners oh! how i wish they had stayed strong this term to wind the EPL. i'm still dreaming! now i want Barca to wind the CL cos my Jose's team has been knocked out but i have support for Wenger's young soldiers against ManU.

    Pirate Bay? i don't know!

  3. Thanks, Abena, and I meant the Swedish pirates :)

  4. Thanks for answering these random questions, Novisi.


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