Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama in Japanese & Other Random Questions

What is this craze in the Japanese form of names?
What is this other craze with
Who’d have thought Chrysler would go bankrupt?
Should the UK have entered Iraq at all?


  1. that would make obama become a japanese maybe! hehee

    Chrysler? that man thought of it. or is it a woman? the one who said "no condition is permanent! hehe!

    No body should have invaded iraq! there's no need! and it turns out they lied to us about the WMD now!

    Nana, have a nice weekend. time has not been a good friend lately for me.

  2. Hi NY,
    As usual you are pertinent, sharp, current and thought-provoking!
    Bless you Nana!!

  3. Try and make some time for Time, and s/he'll be your friend again. :)


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