Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bacon Bra, Earth Day & Other Random Questions

Is the Bacon Bra not taking things too far?
Wouldn't you rather talk about Earth Day?
Is South Africa's best hope Jacob Zuma?
Did you know about Hashima Island yesterday?


  1. Yes ma'am, you wear it, and then you eat it!

  2. man, wearing bacon as a bra sounds truly disgusting..better with candy.

  3. I sooooooooooooooo agree with you! All that grease on your chest? Ugh

  4. 1. Yes, Most definitely. Have no eaten meat (intentionally) since Champs, December 31st 2003 circa midnight. Quit for a year to get over some loser...successfully stayed away from meat ever since but not the loser.

    2. No,Earth Day would be lovely to talk about in theory but we all know we hate the planet. After all, why do we keep polluting an wreaking havoc.

    3. No, The least said about Jacob Zuma, the better.

    4. No, Hashima Island? Have still never heard of it!

    I think I really failed the random questions "quizz" today Nana Yaw!

  5. Not really, Abena, you pass when you answer. And your answers are interesting, no? I know something I did not know about you. :)

  6. I love it when you bring out the guns blazing.
    But heah, the bacon-breats combo will surely keep you pretty full and happy. I will pick that one for the protein. Who in their right mind will vote against that? Not me. The other three questions can wait untill I am done and dusted.

  7. But Posekyere, how about eating it from plate?

  8. 1. Bacon bra? is it like meat? i can only wait till i lay my hands on one of those... i will eat it.

  9. Yes, Novisi, it is meat! Google it and see?!

  10. no i won't google! that would only leave me yearning with my 'adams apple' going up-and-down...

    i'd have to get the real thing. i want that meat!


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