Monday, March 16, 2009

Standing Again

It’s not been easy
It’s been hell
Raw emotions and the elements
You take me through
The fiery furnaces at the corners
The lava, gases and the deep-burning geyser
The rocks that support life
Cutting flesh wounds into me
Fills them with chippings and rare rock dust
Bits of me dry up
On the jagged edges
I’m plunged deep into
Black waveless water
Fish and sailors are long extinct
The water has turned into something
That will melt
I’m flung out and hurtled to the sky
To burn in the scorching sun
To be pecked by hungry birds
My skin is stretched over my bones
Tight like a banjo string
A spiraling black hole
Swallows me whole
It has no bottom or tangible walls
In shock my nerves feel like
Snakes inside me
If only they’d bite, my pain would stop
But I go on and on
The elements happened to me
And all emotions too
In just five seconds
The ground moved once and
I, will never stand again.


  1. ......

    I don't know what to say Nana, I am quite speechless. This poem is just powerful with a capital P. Put a shock in my heart and a lump in my throat. I can relate to it all and it took me back to similar moments of my life. At the same time I can picture the whole poem. I love the way you use the images and just..well everything. I don't think I will try to say anymore because I won't make any sense. Thanks for sharing these intricate beautiful pieces of art you so cleverly create.

  2. Wow, Adaeze, I'm speechless myself. You are so very kind!


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