Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Playgirl Pedicurist

The other day, Miss Jackson beheld my pachyderm’s soles, and hurried into hysteria. She asked if I had played wild sport barefoot as a child. I confirmed. Then, I confided in her about this young, pretty pedicurist at my mother’s hairdresser’s. I started a wanton weekly visit after seeing and ogling her the first time. As she masterfully massages here, and sensuously caresses that spot, she flashes a wily wink every time she unearths a neuro-ticklish neighbourhood. After each winsome session, she’d cajole me for my number, again, and ask when I had some free evening time! If a pedicure is such a carnal contact sport, I wonder why any love interest would push me to play.


  1. Pray do direct me to your mum's hairdresser's. Please, please.

  2. No 105, 1st Street, Mile 7, New Achimota, Accra. I wonder if she's still there.

  3. now, i would heard there some!

    i pray she's not gone too fast!

  4. Fingers crossed for you, Nov.


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