Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We All Want an Easy Life

We all want an easy life
A rich and charming man or wife
To wake up to their purring kiss
A bank account that’s fat and Swiss
A tropical island’s holiday (each year)
An answer every time we pray
Lives of fame and autographs
Gardens of orchids and giraffes
We want to stay young forever
Me, you, Tracy and Trevor

The little things that bring us smiles
Are worth more than gold by miles
The sun that’s shining high and bright
Warm milk before we say good night
The loving hugs we get from friends
A broken heart after it mends
A bird that sends its love in droppings
The magical moment we exchange rings
To say sorry on bended knee
And the fact that love’s for free.


  1. 'Me, you, Tracy and Trevor.'


  2. I'm not looking for a rich man, but i would like a charming man, along with everything else on the list.

  3. giraffes? is that a secret dream of yours? :) nice poem, made me smile after being HURT physically by a 4 year old kid and it put me in a bad mooD...

  4. Ditto Esi.....

  5. Esi - the rich man is also charming! Nana Yaw, great piece...i will take it all, rich, charming, tropical island ...oh except for the bird droppings and broken heart

    Nana D

  6. Yes, Yngvild, Giraffes are a secret dream of mine! :))

  7. Nana D, you've about taken all the 'rich' pickings!


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