Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Looking for Docile Dollar Dispensers

The first floor at Frankie’s at Osu in the City of Accra is a terrific place to sit and eat or have a drink, while playing your eyes on the people pouring in and out, or ogling the Oxford Street down below. So, I was doing some or all of the above peccadillos , last night, when four fruity females oozed indoors, in frisky, frilly frocks, and sat down to order something. I got the impression that they were man-hunting. My snoopy suspicion was cruelly confirmed when barely two minutes after their commanding orders, they got up and cheesecaked hurriedly out of the room. The drinks arrived not one minute after. The egg-faced waiter stood at the table he’d left them at, totally perplexed. I signalled to him that the girls had beaten it. In the intervening double minute, they’d professionally recced the room and found no Docile Dollar Dispenser – and they didn’t come there for drinks!


  1. Gee whiz, Nana Yaw!
    Couldn't there be another equally valid reason why the left?
    Like forgetting the cash/card in the car or realising that they are supposed to be fasting until midnight?

  2. As creative as your mind is, Posekyere, I will not argue with you! :-)

  3. Didn't realize that Frankie's was a place for dollar dispensers! But yes, Posekyere has a valid point - they could have left for other reasons. You should have stopped them and offered to dispense a dollar or two...

  4. Dear Denise,

    Any place can be a haunt for dollar dispensers depending on who the hunter is! As to Posekyere's point, I concede (with disbelief).

  5. would the dollar giver (why dollar anyway, people don't take cedis anymore?)have to necessarily be docile?

  6. Esi,

    1. Because Cedi + Dispenser will not create an alliteration. This is creative writing, no?

    2. Please look at 'Docile' in the loosest terms; with a pair of binoculars, and not a microscope. :-)

  7. Gee, my best friend, 1st Infantry Recce Battalion failed to spot you?

  8. Maybe I don't look much like 'Dollars'. Maybe it's because I was not all by myself. One looked particularly hot at eye level (till you dropped your gaze and saw the lumpy cellulite). No offence, but if you've got that much oil, you gotta keep it covered!

  9. Hey Nana Yaw, it could be that:
    1. the poor ladies realised they were supposed to meet up with some other peeps at Rhapsody's or some other location.
    2. An emergency cut short the rendez-vous
    I hardly see Frankies as the the "dollar dispening" kinda place. Wouldn't that be more reserved for a smoky bar or something?

  10. Hi Aby, missed your comments here. Well then, you'all have settled it (being in the majority). I threw lavish language down the drain :-(


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