Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heartbeat for ?????

?????, be mine, be mine!
If you feel the sparks fly too
And you sleep on thorny nights
Be mine, please be mine!
Wars and history have their place
And I showed an ugly face
When I had your first love, first grace
Turn time around and be mine!
Give me the crystals in your eyes
Let me own your heart once more
In the attic of your soul
Remember our stars in the sky
Be completely mine!
?????, ?????, my ?????
Your heart and soul are warm for me
And your secret smile says so
And how lovely you keep for me
Denies the murmurs in your mind
You feel it, say you’re mine!
I could say I love you
And waste a perfect thing with words
You own me, take me, take me!
My first, last and always
My pain, my smile, my warmth
????? … ????? … ?????
Be mine, mine, forever!


  1. Wow...could pass for a Shakespearean converted to modern English).
    Especially liked "I could say I love you
    And waste a perfect thing with words" and the image of "thorny nights"

  2. Thank you very much, ante504!


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