Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Harmattan Heat Season

Cold, Dry Wind in jejune January
Hold your lecherous lick until I’m snoozing
Or blow your foxy feistiness the other way
I’ve made a painful promise of Chastity


  1. i felt this wind coming more since last night and i just though of blogging about it till i woke up to the Obama fever...

    for now harmattan may just bring it's worse... i got a fighting hope... but i'm 'licking' though!!!


  2. While Nov licks, NY gets licked. :-)

  3. I must admit I love the cooling effect aka lecherous lick of the harmattan. Of course all the dust in the air is not cool though...

  4. Harmattan does a couple of good for my system.
    It reduces the soggy humidity to a much more bearable grade. That I believe is good for the lungs.
    Two.The blanket it throws over the land generally tends to lower the temperature considerably. No?

  5. If Aby loves the lecherous lick, I'd like to know what effect it has on her. I agree about the discomfiture of the dust.

  6. Well, then, Posekyere is clearly immune to the lecherous lick!


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