Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ghana's Elections 08 - Second Round Coming?

The official announcer is mute
But everyone has played his flute
Yet we face an extra round
Before a champion can be found


  1. Nice rhyming, and very well said! I don't know why Joy FM have held off with the second round news, when they've stated it on their website.

    Looks like we'll have a Christmas of campaigning and debating...

  2. Christmas will be Christmas, if you ignore the political platform. Everything we heard and decided upon in Rd 1 will still hold true or ring false in Rd 2.

    In any case, the Commissioner promised that we'd know who our Prez would be by Christmas Eve.

  3. True I guess, but because of my situation I won't be able to ignore the political scene as much as I'd like to, unfortunately.

    Still at work?

  4. Maya, sadly I'm hearing scary things about having Christmas without knowing who our next president is going to be.


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