Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Questions

Does pubic hair grow grey?
Can Election Christmas be merry, anyway?
Will the losing MPs be okay?
Should Barack close Guantanamo Bay?


  1. The answer to all the above Nana is simply yes :-)

  2. That simple? Great. For some naive/naughty reason, your 'yes' to question 1 amuses/amazes me. :-))

  3. hihi. thanks for making my lunch break at my fill-in-for-sick people-job merry. I dont know about question 1.. I dont have the habit of looking at grey-haired peoples pubic hair yet.

  4. 1. Yes - see Sex & the City for further info, I am NOT speaking from experience!
    2. No, but we'll postpone it til January.
    3. No - it never crossed their minds they'd actually lose.
    4. Yes - should never have been opened in the first place.

    This was fun! More pleeeeease!

  5. Yngvild, you only have to read Denise's and Maya's answers, and you'll know what I now know.

  6. Oh Maya, you want me to restrict my writing to just the 4-liners? I love them, ok, but I gotta develop my prose style too. Having said that, more random question will come 'as and when...'

  7. That sounds great. Although I'm loving the four-liners, variety is always more fun!

  8. Yes, Maya, variety is the spice of life (except with spouses) :-)

  9. Nana,
    i'm finding it hard to play catch up...
    lovely read so far...these four liners should be published as a catalogue for the 2008 elections. nice!

    back to this very one:
    don't know some...yes to some, no to some! which for which...only time will tell...

    but for one? it's an absolute YES!

  10. Novisi, if you aren't simply flattering, then I'm flattered. Seriously, thanks a lot, man.

  11. haha, this was seriously funny! How did you think about putting pubic hair and political quests in the same post?

  12. Don't know about you, Kajsa, but I have never been able to put any big distance between politics and sex ;-)


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