Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flagrant Attraction

Beauty lies in the art of exposure – of body, mind and soul!

I locked up late from work last night, and kindly :-) offered to take a colleague most of the way home. Now the homeward wind doesn’t waft me through the other parts of the City of Accra like Adabraka and Dansoman, to lap up the preferred female nether-wear. But, at Madina-Adenta, the miniskirts frolic-flock out to make the mouth of the night crawler water. Straight-cut, figure-hugging, cellulite-serving, A-line-ish, fluttering-flower-petal, booty-banquet, you get the whole, bare-stripped idea.

There must be some charm-conjuring interplay among the drooling darkness, the wily wan light and the beguiling almost-clothing. The miniskirt, you see, is brazenly based on wild imagination. What’s not there is much more than what is (both physically and mentally). Cowardly critics and weak-willed moralists see a slimy basilisk poised to strike, instead of a drop-dead-gorgeous demoiselle. Think unsubtle art, otherwise you see garment, rump and stumps, instead of hills and valleys; rivers and waterfalls; soft-lined highways to lovely lands.


  1. "soft-lined higways to lovely lands"... You are truly gifted, my friend. :)

  2. We're birds of a feather, my friend! ;-) Thanks.

  3. I'd rather put it: weak-willed self-righteous persons - cos thats what they all are. You remember the granny on the Dodi Pincess who was frowning at us 30 yr olds dancing close to our female partners but ironically cheering on wildly her 5yr old grandson to do a dance form even us sinners would dare not attempt in public?

  4. Oh yes, I remember the geriatric from hell! ;-)

  5. its been said that a story should be like a skirt, long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep the interest. Can the same be said about a poem?

    In this particular text I liked the hyphenated theme, "figure-hugging, booty-banquet".

  6. That, Kajsa, just about explains my obsession with the mini skirt. It is all about telling compelling stories!


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