Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Private Viewing Curve

My friend, Ebo, runs a movie house for tucked-away, ‘private viewing’. Its windmill wonders work this way: you breeze gently in, select the same old movie again (but, then, it doesn’t matter because you still don’t know the story, although you’ve seen it three times here) and you evaporate into the next available, sizzling room – just the two of you.

If there are no idle rooms, you languish in the languor lounge long enough for others to study, keep and remember your fidgety face at another time, or you wisely retreat and wait in the car (if there is one). Just make sure there is a heavily-tipped movie attendant to come and get you, once a room is fling-free ;-). A particularly obese tip should ensure that they smuggle you in out of turn.

Ebo tells me that anytime a patron stops going to watch movies, it’s either because SHE got married, or because HE moved out of home, and found his own place! Really revealing reasoning, no? But he left out he or she who simply cannot or must not take their movie partner home, because their life partner lives there :-)

The movie houses don’t bother to keep up with clean or pirated Hollywood. You’re only there for the silver-screen skinny-dipping, anyway. You’re there till you walk down the aisle, or you walk out of home, or the third reason.


  1. I guess there is a market for every kind under the sun.
    Demand and supply is the name of the game.

  2. where is this place? :-)

    Thanks ever so much for your comment. Really.

  3. I was shocked when I learnt of people's reasons for going to these lounges. However, I think most of them would change this favourite past-time, if what I later heard is true: some lounge owners record the customers with hidden cameras and sell the tapes on the internet!

    Only the guilty need worry...

  4. Dear Posekyere,

    I guess you're right, and that's all there really is to say about this!

  5. Dear Yngvild,

    There is one of 'this place' in almost every residential area now. You just need to keep your eyes open.

  6. Oooops, Maya,

    You know guilt and innocent merge in the greyness of memory failure over time. Ooops again. Lol.

  7. And when the security attendant covers your car with an olympic size tarpaulin with the explanation that it is to protect your privacy, then you know exactly what goes on in there. Me? I have no objection to these places as long as a third party is not watching, as suggested by Maya.

  8. Ei Kiz, you know the ins and outs, no?


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