Monday, October 20, 2008

My Personal NPT

Beautiful neighbour to the west,
Your nuclear reactors behind
Are causing shocks and tremors,
In my southern regions,
While I try to run the state
from the rational north.
Please, switch them off!


  1. Vintage Nana Yaw!
    I suggest you partner your neighbour to the West cos the reactors are unswitchable... they come with a 45yr guarantee!

  2. Yes, Kiz, I was going to talk about an Israeli-style pre-emptive strike, but I'll leave that for another day :-)

  3. Eih Nana Yaw!

    Subliminal torture is the name.

    No need to switch them off!
    I suggest you get the Nuclear Reactors perpetually stationed near your southern regions so that your natural frequency creates a mutual resonance with the hummings thereof.
    That is how you can create a blissful haven for both the rational north and the undisciplined south.

    Thanks for the verbal creativity.

  4. Thanks for that about a blissful haven between the rational north and undisciplined south ;-)


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