Friday, October 3, 2008


It is icily intriguing to see plots poles-apart come forth, while the truly important issues are ignored. It is easy to identify who is shielding or protecting what immiscible interests. With sundry make-or-break motions afoot, I caught a mini glimpse of how political campaigns should feel like near the general elections.


  1. omg i am SO SO sorry!


    i have no idea why i thought you were a woman.

    well, actually i do.

    i had a friend named Nana in high school. lolol.

    i'm so sorry. i see now that you are very male. hahaha.

    ... anyhoo... you captured exactly how i was feeling while watching the debates last night.

    hope all is well.

    again, sorry!!!

  2. No harm done. Believe me. If you thought I had a woman's instinct, then I am flattered!

  3. Nana,
    lol...but muze's comment reminds me of the timeless times i've been wrongly addressed (official correspondence) as "Ms. Novisi"! just because my name has 'this thing' (what thing i don't know!) for women...but i lov it...and i love women...but i don't wish i was a woman...never...maybe another life...with no apology to muze cos i lov u cos you are a woman! hehehehe

    back to point:
    i get what u mean...and i'm just wondering...shouldn't we the people (everybody including those at the forefront trying to hard to divert attention) just call time and say enough is enough of all the nonsense....AIR...we need some sense now?

    politics for 'tsoooo-boi' sake is not about little triks...politics is not 'poli-tricks'...politics is serious biz that we must realise affects the welfare of all...the dying kid on that malaria sick-bed, the cocaine-money fool in the yard, the hooked junky in the hood, the farmer in the village, the teacher in the roofless classroom and just each and every one of us!

    do i get a sense you are referring to the very current news: the 'conference'? (and i'm not wanting to be naked 'as we came' until at the right time such as while about to take a shower...hehehehe)

    I'm enjoying that's serious and fun...both at the same time but i believe we must get serious...

    and i find this life too 'FUNKY'...we must be bold to hit the the issues face-on...but it's not easy see! and how many of us won't relocate to the under of the next available table or bed (i might just be the first) least i remember Galileo Galilei...hehehehehehe! that man was 'smart' to preserve his life up against the powers!

    hehehehehe...a laugh is always good...
    for me i don't care what pranks dirty minds (that's what they are...dirty...not smart) want to pull up to decieve...i won't be moved and they must realise that the world is in the 21st century!

    ok for all that noise i'm making!


  4. Nana Yaw,

    I think your post is even more relevant now, considering the desperate links to Obama that Sarah Palin tried to make yesterday(?). What you've said really sums up those actions.

  5. Yes, Novisi,

    There is still too much deception and too little standing-up-to-it in the world today

  6. Maya, that was so horribly pathetic. Gutter politics, really. Otherwise, simply by being also human, we can all be linked to Osama Bin Ladin.

  7. OMG, Nana; for a second, I thought you were talking about the "other" conference--ie the ACP Summit. Too bad.

    Sarah Palin, feisty, sexy governor with a mean streak, and probably a racist at heart...

  8. About the conference, I was in such conference myself. About Sarah Palin, what is that old saying again about not mistaking beauty for goodness and intelligence? ;-)


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