Friday, September 12, 2008

The ‘Bottom’ Line

You cannot tell if you’re in love until you’ve farted in each other's face, and laughed yourselves senseless! I heard this on some raunchy Russian drama on BBC radio. At the time, it felt like I was eavesdropping in shock on an unfolding scarlet scandal. But, now, I love it!

The bravado of breaking righteous wind in the hallowed presence of one you care crackers about, is even more wonderful because it tests their delicate senses, and their romantic vibes for you!

The almost imperceptible parting of the derriere crack, and the slight flutter and fall of the clothes at the point of impact; the thunderclap or power drill that brings the eerie, uneasy knowledge of what comes next; the tale of what last went in the mouth catches you on-the-fly, making you pinch your nares.

The choice: should you feel affronted? Violated! Or should you let loose laughing, and log on to the feel-good factor?


  1. Hi, I would like to you take a look for my blog. The adrress is

    I´m portuguese and i am a student law e I would like a comment on the post that says " O papel do Legislador"; is about violence in Portugal.


  2. Hey, I went to your blog but it's in Portuguese. I know basic Spanish, but I cannot read Portuguese. Sorry about that.

  3. i absolutely love your blog. i wonder how u are almost perfect at whatever you do. keep it up and i know it will take you places

  4. guess u ve a positve reaction wen ur girl farts hahaaaaaaa. It's a sure way of breaking barriers.

  5. Thanks Bernice,

    the flattery is nice. would like to see you here more.

  6. Dear Lucci,

    She is an Angel sent down to me from Heaven. She never breaks wind - rather, she sails in the wind, on the wing. Lol

  7. Indeed, your reaction will tell whether you are truly in love with the "offender".

  8. Yes, so if you get pissed off, then your 'love' was all gas, right? I always knew that the less delicate conveniences of life were the standards for measuring how people feel about you!

  9. and in the today's headlines:

    A lovers' love gets blown away 'whew' by a 'typoon-like' fart!

    stay tuned for the details!

    heheheheh...lovley! lovley!

  10. Thanks, Nov. Your comment reminds me of a line I had growing up. "The President was this morning assassinated by the previously unexplored method of a flying fart! The former first lady has been taken in for questioning, but she's already pointing to the former first dog as the culprit".

  11. Well, thanks for reading, Rosamunde. ;-)


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