Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Prado Wins the Girl

H, the office manager, traipsed tardily into my office on his daily morning constitutional. He sauntered towards my bird’s-eye window to manage the ante meridian view below. All of a sudden, he called out to me to come and take a quick street scan.

A girl! Slender, tall; still magnificently delicious womanhood! She was tucking in her shirt, which the tight pants on her canyon curves were constantly casting off. Shirt in straight, and she started cheesecaking away from under my look-out.

He wondered if he should call her. Cheerleader-I said yes! As H managed the window into an open-slide position, a parked white Toyota Land Cruiser Prado backed up into the street, and pulled up beside our girl. Quick words were swapped as H’s hellos were deafly disregarded. She half-glided-half-galloped into the SUV, and they were gone in a wisp.

Were we livid? No! Were we sad? Not at all! Were we beaten? Twice soundly, thrice roundly! And it was not even the real Land Cruiser, but its less charming cousin!


  1. Is this a case of poor management of his timing by your friend? Or would the Prado have won anyway?

  2. Dunno. Haven't thought about it that deeply. Just describing what I saw. Not too sure she'd have stopped to talk anyway, if the Prado hadn't 'chanced' by.

  3. heheheheh!

    the funny side:
    used to be on the path to FarmLand and weighed by the size of muscles built to cultivate MoreLand to showoff yields...and the likes...behind old grandma's kitchen...and showing off some beauty-ly woven basket out of rare skills...

    now, it's taking prado-dimensions...

    but never can a man give up...can he? there's always surely a thing or two or three to do to out-smart the prado!

  4. Yes, Novisi, the guy in the Prado may not have won because he was in a Prado and H in a building. Myabe he was at the right place (right next to her on the ground floor) at the right time.

  5. sorry fellas win some, loose some. Perphaps had H gone down quickly in the "real" Prado, hmmmm....... who knows?

  6. And the 'real' Prado is....?

  7. hahaa, LOL about the prado not being the real deal


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