Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Inconvenient Itch

Of luckless late, I’ve lost my second sight, and I’ve been itching cacti for some wicked, unrestrained inspiration to zap me back on track. You know, it’s not an undemanding engagement of throwing your eyes wide to catch the telling detail. When true second sight strikes, the inspiration or the scene will seize you!

I went out and bought myself a little present today – a writer’s notebook. It is my first purpose-book for creative non-poetry. That should do the trick, no? Nature wound some of her mystery too, and granted me an extravaganza in Dzorwulu, in the City of Accra. With war-front features in a pair of tight, oily-fabric, white trousers, she needed only a few drive-by seconds to shock my hair to barbs and bristles!

She was walking fine one moment; dithering in the next; splaying her legs out till her fat thighs no longer kissed. She pigeon-toed her feet and hoicked up her pinpoint posterior at a gross gradient. Something was missing from the scene – her right hand! It crawled out of its burial ground, inch-deep in her rump! Before fifty pairs of affronted eyes, at a swarming intersection, she’d just liberated herself from an inconvenient itch!


  1. Ehhh Nana!,
    That is wicked.
    Your uber-perceptible description of bodies in motion, particularly of the female species, is legendary!

    As far as the prey of Dzorwulu is concerned, it appears to me that,she clearly had you mesmerized by the provocativity of her much-rehearsed romp.
    However that singular stroke of unsophisticated vulnerability,yanked you free from her sleep-inducing 'voodoodom'.

    Thank your stars for the inconvenient itch!

  2. Hmm, and even I didn't realise that I was mesmerised. I am in shock. 'Wow!' to your descriptive ability.

  3. Oh Nana Yaw, you made me laugh so hard I forgot to comment yesterday. Virgo and I agree that you are an evil literary genius. To be able to put beautiful words to such a 'bush' act?


  4. You flatter me so, Maya. Thanks. The alternative to writing it with beauty(?) is expose it for all the vulgarity. It really horified me!!! And she did it the whole time with such a heavy frown!

  5. hehehehehehehe...

    you are making me laugh out so loud that it's not that it's not funny! (how words can make you dance around!)...hehehehehehehe...

    and...that certainly must have been a MASSIVE rump-itch...and i like the 'compare-play' juxtapose with the cacti itch of your eyes, like that aside...

    hmmmmmnn hope you find a replacement for your second pair of eyes...

    she must be marvelous to the kill...caring little; it tells the raw-side of this free life...but there must be some beauty in there too...sure!

    and i'm sure your notebook will have a lot to capture...enjoy!


  6. Hey, Novisi, glad you saw the link to the cactus itch. And yes, there may be some beauty even in crudeness, but I saw none here. My colleague said whatever substance she was trying dislodge must have ... on second thought, I'll leave it here.

  7. Certainly takes talent to describe such a disturbing act in a polished manner. To top it all I had a smile on my face when I should have been disgusted.Funny!!

  8. Disturbing, right! Happy about the smile on the face. It is every writer's highest hope, no?


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