Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Few Live; Most Exist!

A quaint quote that flashed on TV. I have no naked notion what this maxim means to you. Language has mutated into a baffling, defensive tool today. We shudder at the fishy smell of our own prattle in the mouth of another person. ‘Few live; most exist’ is as clean, clear and classic as human expression will ever get. I have an idea – think over the quote and, if you will, share what it means to you in the comment section. Inspire us all!


  1. Wow N!This is an essay.

    From the quote,Yes, not many people live to achieve their dreams, or enjoy life to the fullest.

    Majority simply stay alive, managing to survive. living substandard lives as opposed to a meaningful one.

    To me, Each of us has distinct characteristics that make us. But then, the Economic, political, legal, technology and the socio-cultural environment makes it very difficult for most people to live their dreams.

    Survival of the fittest .

  2. Dear Splashes,

    Deep, as usual.

  3. Let me posit an ignoble existential argument - Those living are also existing and those existing are also living.

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  5. Kiz, you just had to create ripples on a calm surface, no?

  6. Interesting quote. I feel it falls in line with living each day as if it were the last. If we knew we had 24 hours left in life, wouldn't we live that day? Yet most of us go through the motions each day - work, eat, sleep - and would be gutted if we were pulled aside and told, 'you know what, you've just spent your last day in life'.

    To me, that's the difference between existing and living. Let's start living!


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