Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sexist Sex Laws

Anwar Ibrahim – a man I’ve almost venerated; victim of peccant political arch-foes; mis-tried, mis-convicted and sordidly shamed for sodomy. Now fresh allegations of base buggery have crept out of the public rectum against him. In his defence, he has set up an ancient law. What stupid, inane law requires four witnesses to prove a sexual offence?

Hasn’t sex been a private show since Adam and Eve daringly displayed sexual paradise in an open garden under an apple tree? Except for opiate orgies, doesn’t group sex almost always mean gang rape? Who would ever get four willing witnesses? Anwar may be innocent, but he’s not playing fair by invoking this law.

Will the gang of four who raped or sodomised you testify in court for you? I may forgive Anwar, but such a donkey law only encourages rape and sodomy – that is awfully crude! I don’t care if I have trampled on tender toes. And I hope my withering words are a piping white rod in the a**h*le or hymen of those who support such a law!

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