Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Quality of Clarity after the Rain

A candid, cache-sexe clearness clothes the draggled ether, pickling pure the heavy-hanging haze and dense-dangling dust between the moist monsoon downpours.

Over the continent, it thins up the elements, enriching the open-air excellence, heightening the sweetness al fresco and stropping the naked intensity of the light at night.

Across the thermic Atlantic, the limpidity sails at Mach two over macroscopic miles and draws the far-off horizon nearer to the shore. It showers ice crystals, shimmying the reflected cheesing on the cool, clear surface.

Flung in the air, it melts the translucent layers of hydro-nitro gas, lights a fuller flame in the sun, and splashes an extra bowl of milk in the visceral vat of the lurid moonlight.


  1. True!
    Rain really thins up the elements
    It's amazing how everything seems clearer after a heavy downpour of rain.
    Everything feels so new n fresh!

    Must add, nicely written Yaw, nicely written indeed!

  2. Analysis appreciated, Kwansema. This one really kept me up late last night.

    While you are at it, read something very interesting about rain at Maya's.

  3. mine o mine

    an aftermath so fresh...

    makes me feel like i was there when it all began!

  4. We missed you, Nov, at the bloggers' meet. another comes around next month, same time. please try and come to that one.


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