Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pot Parade in the City of Accra

They range their varnished vases in open stretches and regular symmetry - the immaculate infantry on parade. The stunning shapes and dazzling colour coats take the watcher’s breath away! Every time I drive by, I crawl to (irritate the driver behind me, and) leer lovingly at the ovals and cones, pyramids and globes – my visual breakfast for the day.

One hundred tasty servings of cream crustaceans, turquoise turtles, emerald eagles, cobalt cauldrons, bronze fish, purple monkeys, gamboge balls, tangerine hills and ivory plinths. I wonder, I marvel.The splendour takes me, every single time!


  1. wow!
    nicely written
    really, nicely written.
    just splendid

  2. Thank you my friend. I wrote this long ago, and allowed it some time to "mature" before editing it to publish.


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