Monday, July 28, 2008

Joie de Vivre

Now won’t you let lambent life seduce you, heart and soul, with her plentiful pleasures, while bashful breasts refuse to surrender to her flirtatious fondling, but, rather, make excellent and noble plans for telescopic tomorrow, even as Time the puppy is snatched spitefully from their very grasp?

Oh, won’t you exploit your full seventy explicitly in every single, silly second; build drivel dreams, whore the world, luxuriate in friendship, and conjugate the one thousand verbs of sex?

Now, won’t you calmly smile when death swings her big rug and snuffs a life close to you, conceited that if you go right this moment, the only raw regrets are those felt by the people who lustfully lose (and miss) your company?


  1. Really coming into your own, aintcha?

  2. Not a few talented, good-natured and smart young people have been dying lately, and I thought I would like to go with a calm smile on my face if it (touch wood) it happened to me.

  3. telescopic tomorrow!

    Loved that phrase (particularly)and the whole text (thematically) about how to live life to be able to go with a smile..which is how I'd like to go as well. Hence I named my blog after Edith Piaf's song "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien"...

  4. Yes, kajsa, I noticed the reason behind your blog address. I was impressed from the very first.

  5. o how so cute!

    sometimes makes one wonder what's there to all this thing breathed as life that one would not just be happy and be!

    cute write!

  6. Yes Nov, but these days I go one better. I go beyond thinking and just live, or shall I say I just breathe! Lol.


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