Thursday, July 31, 2008


A complete and comforting number, I think; a good place to stop, or else to go on. This is my 100th blog post and I’m writing in a halo! I would like to say thank you to all readers, comment makers and co-bloggers who have held my hand along the way from poet-exclusive to ... now, what genre do I write?

Thank you, Maya, for starting me on this in the first place. Thank you, readers in Ghana. Thank you, readers in Kenya. Thank you, readers in Canada. Thank you, readers in the UK. Thank you, readers in South Africa, Germany and the US. Thank you, everybody. I’ve made so many wonderful new friends in blogosphere (my laptop accepted the word!)

In these 100 posts, I have written on many topics, love poetry, sob poetry, praise poetry as well as creative nonfiction on: free night calls, miniskirts, song birds, beads, driving habits, the lazy self-employed, the case for an extra day of the week, national Friday wear, phone manners, rain art, my grandfather, the Accra Mall, football, ogling, national heroes, class pretence, check-check, sexism, crazy crushes and infatuations and living life to the full.

I plan to make a few changes to this blog (no early announcements, though). Plus, my little milestone is coming as bloggers in Ghana get together in some form of collaboration. Happy days, yay!!!!


  1. yayyyyyyyyy
    I'm so happy for you
    I know this means a lot to you
    It really does and all i wanna say is:
    All the best Nana!

  2. Thanks, Kwansema. Waiting to see you get there soon!!!

  3. Wicked Nana Yaw! Congrats - needless to say looking forward to the next couple hundreds.

  4. Thanks, Denise. I hope they will come out better than these 100

  5. I celebrate your milestone in blogging excellence!
    I look forward to drinking the maturing wine of your masterstroke concoctions.

    Best wishes!

  6. awww, Posekyere flatters me! Bogging excellence! But thank you, you're very kind.

    And, oh, just for the record, I do not think your "analytical mind" has any problem with words. You are a wordsmith yourself. Read your own comments to anybody's blog post and marvel!

    Speaking of analytical minds, what do you do?

  7. Thank you Nana Yaw for 100 posts of excellence! Thank you for decorating our days with magical words, for letting us get to know our dictionaries once again ;), but mostly thank you for teaching me about check check, can you believe I had never heard of it before??? Had to ask Virgo and now I'm wiser for it. How do we celebrate this?

  8. Maya, we celebrate with bubbly, no? But it's Akosombo for me this weekend so some time next week?

  9. Congrats to you. i know how much this means to you. Like Maya said thanks for letting me get acquainted with my dictionary once again - it's always by me when i read your posts!

  10. 100 posts of a great and talented mind. Congratulations.Like Maya said, you got me close my dictionary. Thanks and all the best.

  11. o! kayeeeeee!

    it's been some part of the one hundred handsome experiences with you!

    a wonder-'full' one at that too!

    cheers and count-on!

  12. Thanks, Kordai. I kind of wish dictionaries were not so needed though. I will keep these things in mind up to 200. Thanks again.

  13. Thanks, Splashes. I missed you around here. Welcome back. Say you'll stay with me to 200 and beyond.

  14. How about a deal Novisi? We count together. You educate me more, I write more posts too. Deal?

  15. congratulations, looking forward to reading hundreds more :-)


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