Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Working From Home in the City of Accra

Six, before the sun ascends. You’re hairy-screeching, whistling through the hermetic highways and halting abruptly here and there, utterly uncertain to make it before eight to the pinched square inches you work in, or, if you make it on time, in how many pieces would you straggle up the stairs? You finally make the office scene, barely believing how you gave the runaround to scraping or bumping your car. You’re still singeing and seething from the hideous habits of the hoi polloi on the streets or the hoity-toity hoi polloi in the cars.

Imagine soothingly waking up at six, and taking calm, no-frenzy steps through your hygiene to a brilliant breakfast. The moments are still many for you to slip with ease into your “office space”, peacefully tucked away in a corner of your home. Rush Hour 1 is spent lapping on cool morning nectar, running the email trail and breezing through full-office-day work quietly and efficiently. All that goodly time, you’re keeping the corner of your eye on things at home. Wonderful day!

Paperless offices; remote access; high fuel prices; traffic-time costs; the surreal stuff that cleverly combine to make this dream so real, so sensible. After moderately high initials, the magic model makes for office cost savings and happy workers, no? The only outstanding obstacle becomes the old-fashioned boss. They need to see professionals do face time at the office desk; not wholly necessary once the job gets done, but a compromise on the wagon. Stay at home through the rush hour; show your face three times a week from eleven to three!


  1. Are you venting? Either way, your spot on. I hope the old fashioned bosses realise this very soon. FOr now, you've only tempted us with something that for most of us is not a reality yet. I am making my way there, by Jan 2009, there'll be no office waiting for me...I hope!

  2. No, Maya, I'm not venting. I'm exploring!


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