Sunday, June 8, 2008

IT Professionals

between booting early
and shutting down
at night,
they live the day in jargon:
interface, protocol,
defragmentation, zip,
compress, trojan.
the self-importance
of a growing group.
they think they are
Homo Sapiens 9.0


  1. A thorough description there. They are becoming more like swaggers.If you can get them to read this, it will tame them.

  2. Nana, the IT professionals are the philosopher kings as opposed to the born criminals like poor Edgar. Sometimes I get this feeling they intentionally create problems and solve them to appear important, while magnifying Shai Hills into Everests.

  3. Huh, Splashes! Are they wild or just bewildering? ;-)

  4. Kiz, you're right. We all remember the Millenium Bug which became the Millenium Dud...or Y2K which became Y2 Zilch.

  5. Disorientation is a wild delusion.

  6. nice one for fantacy!

    but come to think of a rather funny way...there are still two sides to a coin...

    ...the IT professional plays the drum and the rest dance to the rhythm. ain't it just so! or is it just so?

    who creates the hype? and who is baited by the hype? and who causes the hype to be created in the first place? more questions still...

    but the interesting thing is that no one knows what exactly will happen in all this technological craze! and in fact we hardly know what's happening already!

    so it's all an open world for all to just jump aboard! and Phil Collins has just a suitable title for one of my most-loved songs: COME WITH ME.

  7. Splashes, why are you so arcane and vague in what you say?

  8. Yes, Novisi, if we allow freedom of thought and choice, these techno types will rule the world!


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