Sunday, June 22, 2008

Feeling the Same

When a lone bird soars above
And flowers passed don’t bring a hug
When a wink or smile is spurned
And the seat you saved is void
It’s all about feeling the same

A touch that made your heart explode
That smile you know you’ll never forget
The words you said but never thought
The selfless things you did for once
It’s all about feeling the same

When half your day is spent forlorn
And your pining crosses into dreams
When your world is your bedroom
And radio songs bring silent tears
It’s all about feeling the same

Every human one-on-one
Man to woman, woman to man
The things we do without the thought
The smiles, the tears, the indifference
It’s all about feeling the same


  1. Nana, sell this piece to Tracy Chapman. It would make a hit song in her deep rich alto and folk.

  2. Anonymous23 June, 2008

    The best suggestion i've heard all day Kissi......

  3. Kiz, you've got a friend! Thanks, Anon. Incidentally, I wrote a few R&B lyrics when I was younger, but I lost them all.


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