Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet Innocence of Youth

Two untended mango trees prevail rugged in my parents’ house as the seasons scuttle north, and then sail slowly south. They joyfully poke their impetuous trunks in the wide eye of the sky; daring the affronted elements to unleash overwhelming forces to test their timber tenacity.

Sticky-billed birds flock furtively to the young fruit on the trees, before they’re ripe to eat, and drill yawning gorges in their slowly-softening skin. The raw and ravished buddings dangle rough and woozy from the weather-beaten branches. The evil elements dispatched the birds.

These terrible times have cleanly licked the last syrupy drops out of the sweetness of callow youth, and succeeded it with a cutting, ruthless ripeness. So, babies-not-long-gone are daily striking a cruel blow at the trusting, slumbering world. The sweet innocence of age, ken and lore is repeat-raped savagely by the unfledged, silly stripling.


  1. Anonymous16 May, 2008

    Nice piece about the paradox of 'knowing' youth and innocent old age.

    But Nana Yaw, your writing is becoming complex and not so light these days. Why?

  2. Hmmm, Anon, no matter what topic I pick, my mind refuses to tackle it lightly. I will fight my way back. But this is all a learning curve for me, so I like to make mistakes and all (I've only been writing this genre since March. Before then, I was a pure poet!).

    Thanks for reading anyway, and please stick with me. lol

  3. I agree with anonymous, i find myself having to repeat the sentenses, just to understand what i have just read. Beautiful piece nonetheless, and maybe you don't have to find your way back, maybe some of us need to reach up to your level.

  4. Awwwwwww, Showstopper, you were always my favourite girl! And about levels, I wonder what level I'm on, anyway.

    I'll try and write the light stuff more. If I bring out a piece and it is too layered thick, I will just not post that day, ok?

    Thanks again.

  5. I agree with both anonymous and showstopper, but you know I truly believe that you should post either way. Your complex posts reflect a different you to the lighter posts. ALthough the lighter ones make for easier reading, the complex ones give us more to think about. Keep up the good work!


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