Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Seal

i’m looking for the little words
i never had use for.
the pretty pearls
that carry dreams
and cares to God
in prayer.

i’m thinking of the simple ways
i had and lost in time.
the erring touch,
the meeting minds,
the thrill of
stolen glance.

i’m dreaming of a happy place
where smile and leaping heart
dance hand-in-hand
from morn till night,
while fear and hurt
grow thin.

a magical moment will dawn,
reveal my open secret –
the truth of how special
you are,
and seal
what’s meant to be.


  1. Splashes28 May, 2008

    Nana, I'm Touched.Good to read such a piece from you.

  2. Splashes, I'm not made of steel. I write poetry like this all the time.

  3. keep dreaming...keep would be sealed...beautifuly like you wish it in this peace...

    makes a sublime read...

  4. Thanks, Novisi, but I have essentially already found! "Eureka!" was was inpiration! ;-)


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