Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jaywalking to Sea at La, in the City of Accra

A combusting, constipating quarter in the city of Accra is couched on the cold and rocky coastline, by the Giant Gulf of Guinea. It pans out up-shore, across a major street and over red-earth flatlands. It offers boundless sweeps of hibernating beaches, except for enchantingly cultivated choice strands where elegant, self-indulgence-inducing hotels have gulped up the usable space.

Between its squashed southern estates and the two great hostelries, the fierce shingle streaks wild and primitive for maybe a double kilometre. The drive on the slightly bending dual carriage is spectacular unlimited, especially on low-traffic, moonlit nights. But the awestruck gazer is running risks of knocking down a dozen jaded jaywalkers at any time.

I’m bland and barren in imagining (no, I can imagine easily, really) what they treacherously traverse the streets for, appearing from nowhere and gambolling heedlessly towards the austere, inclement banks of the titanic Atlantic. They do not give pause, and stand to admire. So what in heaven’s holy moniker are they doing there?


  1. Anonymous22 May, 2008

    How beautifully you describe simple La, and I also know what they go to sea to do ;)

  2. Dear Anon,

    Depending on what emotional pair of eyes you see through, any place anywhere can be beautiful anytime :-)

  3. Hm, since anon chose not to disclose why they go to sea, I'll also aim at not being too crude and will leave it at saying, I too know why they go to sea, and if you knew, it'd explain the reason why they cross with such focus and rush, leaving not a second to glance at the beauty before them. ;)
    Beautifully written, as always.

  4. You write beautifully; I'm so humbled that you've linked to my blog. I will be sure to add yours to my blogroll. Excellent success!

  5. splashes26 May, 2008

    On their way to turning such a beautiful site into a typical La environ. what else will it be?

  6. Thanks for liking my style, Naki. I really think your blog is beautiful. A simple person like me has a lot of style to learn there :-)

  7. Splashes, you're giving ideas. I wrote in all innocence. ;-)


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