Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Four Reasons Why Accra is Different!

In Accra, the roads come first. Then we dig deep trenches right across. First, for the fine design, and also to lay cables and pipes. When, finally, we pack up and leave, we have a test track for steeplechase :)

In Accra, we sink gutters and will not cover them. Where would we hide the filth of three million people with all these gutters sealed? Rubbish!

In Accra, we spring ten floors and leave only enough space to park a bird and two tricycles. But just as we divine four lanes out of two, so can we create our own car parks too.

In Accra, we build our glittering homes in the dirty, muddy marsh. Our 212-fahrenheit faith in God (which others so clearly covet) will hold it up when the devil's deluge comes crashing down in jealous June.


  1. Now this is just classic, i love this one.its so true, what you are saying. i love the directness of this piece too.

  2. The one I'm not too proud of. Not much of a story, just the descriptive bit. But thanks, Bentumaa.

  3. Great description that: clean. I like! :)

  4. Victoria A03 April, 2008

    Loved this. Kept nodding in agreement as I read. I smile because it aptly describes the part of Accra Central I used to work in.

    Good job!

  5. hmmmm, Mr. Asiedu, just right on point.The million dollar, ohh, sorry, The million euro question is when r we ever going to start doing something about it?


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