Sunday, April 13, 2008

Untitled - Poetry

This morning, I am posting poetry, my first love. I have expressed and understood this life on the wings of poetry. I don't really intend to post my poetry on this blog, but, at this moment, poetry is what best captures my confused mood. It is untitled (because the rawness defies a title) and it comes from the collection, SAMSARA. I wrote it 9 years ago,and, this morning, I feel the same way I did 9 years ago. :-(


What is so golden
About falling in love?
When all it brings is heartache
And wakeful nights till dawn
Birdsongs are no longer sweet
Smiles are sharp things to avoid
Some girl’s loose laughter
Painful road to jealousy

A man is sick
In head and in heart
To think love so simple
To break his helpless heart

Just because my feelings don’t scream
Does not mean they are not hurt

Loving this deeply
Does not make me silly

Smiling so sweetly
Only hides my furious heart

Don’t nobody come to me
Go away, I’m Dead!


  1. Aaahhh my friend, which woman is making you feel this way about love?

    It's funny coz i'm kinda feeling the poem right now, it is really speaking to me...

    I think the best thing to do is to not even try and understand love...

  2. Thanks, Showstopper, but, unfortunately, the purpose of everything I do is to try and understand love (and other things) ;-)

  3. If you don't put the past behind you,you can never experience real love.You do not know what you are missing until you arrive at it. Try and wipe it away and am sure u will find true love.

  4. This is going to sound retarded coming from me but I am always so shocked when I find men actually have hearts that are capable of breaking. I think that if 'men' learnt to be more open about their feelings and emotions we would halve the problems in the world.

    Don't take my word for it though... lol

    I think love is something we are just supposed to do without giving any thought to but then again you know I don't REALLY think that. Writing it and living it are two totally different things aren't they?

    P.S. I like the poem

  5. Toks, thanks. I have never bottled up my feelings just for the perverse pleasure of feeling I'm a man. I'm happy you (especially you) like this poem. :-)


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