Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Vista of the Sunset and Moon-Wax

Perched pretty on the sun-kissed rocks of the Atlantic is a cool getaway den that you could live and work in Accra for many years and not discover. An amazing fact considering that the entertainment scene in the city of Accra is a bit thin, closed and familiar. It’s just great to know that right on the High Street, you can close from stressful work and, after a short walk or drive, have a drink (oh, your order comes eventually) and barbecue on the rocky shoreline.

And once you’re in after paying a fee, I think, (where do you not pay in Accra these days) you can sit near the rocks or on the benches scattered across a wooded sandy promenade. It’s big enough for a walkabout. The setting sun is a huge golden egg yoke; something you could stroke with your fingertips if only you could stretch out your arm a foot higher.

Entering on a full-moon evening is the stuff that dreams are made of. As you descend the steeply-hacked stairs, it feels like you could walk out on the broad, silver esplanade flung across the pitch-black gulf.

It’s just not a place you’d like to stay for too long. But an hour’s visit is heaven. And, yes, I left out the name of this little paradise on purpose. A little adventure for you. No?


  1. 'Prolific' is the first word that comes to mind, on viewing your site.

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  2. i know this little place too, and yes , it is as beautiful as you describe.

  3. Nana its not fair to keep this secret!!Please share or I'm never visiting you blog!And yes thats a threat,LOL!!..but seriously though Ghana Tourist Board should hire you!


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