Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Leopards Hunt Deer in the City of Accra

The Leopard, a self-respecting giant cat, faces each treacherous day with a simple prayer. “Dear God, I only ask to see the deer’s face; there’s no need to grab her for me. I will do the rest myself”.

In the crowded streets of the city of Accra, the conceited feline would face certain starvation. It would creep and stalk and chase, but never have a single deer.

The pace of life has rudely moved upstairs in the recent past. Every Accraian (A-KRA-YAN) (thanks, Victoria, for this one) has seen their personal time shrink faster than their naked personals on a chilly morning. The evil formula is simple and easy to memorise:

traffic + work + traffic + sleep = male cattle excrement

Sadly, the end product of the equation is what you get a lot of, these days.

Brisk and bustling Accra is deluged with clashing weddings everyday. It means that people are meeting people. People are liking each other. People are cutting out other people. People are getting hitched. These are busy people. What time do they make, and where do they go, to meet others?

These busy people do not join the daily (or nightly) hunt, I think. And, even today, many females in the city of Accra are not so feisty as to choose to be the leopardess (aaargh, ugly word!) and chase male deer. Some people go out and (believing them) they are having all the fun. Looking hard at them, I fail to see what’s tickling them so hard. So, I conclude that they are putting on a show. An old effective trick in the hunt. :) It makes you want to be with them.

If the beautiful people we painfully encounter at the expensive social events, enact rehearsed charades for us, then, that leaves us with only the workplace and the church, and the hope that stress, in one place, and the fear of God, in the other, would prevent the people there from putting on a road show. :)

So, are people marrying colleagues at work or fellow seekers at church? I cannot answer the question. You should find it somewhere in you. But I know that if the average male leopard in the city of Accra gets round to praying, it would go something like this: Dear God, I want a deer. Grab her, seize her, tie her, snare her, blindfold her, gag her, anything! Just please deliver her, yielding, at my door. :)


  1. The prayer is near kidding. I have heard some like that... I'm gonna write a movie of of these days...

  2. Have you become that desperate? I thought the deer are easy to find all over Accra. My friend, the deers are all over the place. Like everything else, if you need the very best, you have to be patient and diligent. It is only the lazy leopard that will refrain from a careful search. Hope you know the Leopard sifts through its prey
    Kweku A

  3. Then, the moment of the article is lost. It was not written from the personal point of view ;)

  4. trust me, the charade is not restricted to the social events, its even worse in church. we church folk can be very hypocritical.


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