Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sex Going for a Song in the City of Accra

Never will I criticise a prostitute until the governments make the economy better for every Ghanaian. I am saying that I understand them! I just read at myjoyonline that certain workers at a brothel were selling the pleasures of their bodies for 4 Cedis! That’s less than 3 Dollars!


  1. $3! I heard yours was a middle income country now.

  2. @Anonymous yes that's what has been said. However, I don't believe the income of a country has anything to do with this line of business. Would we therefore not see prostitution in the MOST developed countries? In the United States, Japan and others. Once others have survived without prostitution another could also do same. Except that it is the cheapest means of obtaining money. One does not incur any cost of production, either in purchase or in manufacturing.

  3. @Yaw, Some prostitutes do it for a joint here, and America has the strongest economy in the world. And there's really nothing wrong with it per se, when it is a choice.

    @Nana, there is cost of production, condoms, STD treatments, brothel/Madam fees, etc.

  4. Prostitution, i believe is a choice, whatever the name we contrive for it.

  5. @ Anon:

    Yes, our people have declared us a middle-income country. But as Nana Fredua-Agyeman has said this does not really have to do with the size of the country's economy. There are other factors.

  6. @ Nana Fredua-Agyeman:

    Um, true points generally except that there are 'costs' of production for the skin trade, or maybe 'costs' of the trade, anyhow.

  7. @ Myne:

    I like the way you thing, i.e. "there's nothing wrong with it per se when it is a choice." True.

  8. @ abyss:

    I can agree with your general proposition that prostitution is a choice, but I cannot agree that every prostitute chose to go into it and could have chosen another 'profession'.

  9. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu27 February, 2011

    Those are the low-paid ones. There are a lot of them in Ghana.....some very well-paid and in it very much by choice. Unfortunately, the low-paid ones are in it due to extreme need/neglect by gov't, most of them. if only they were in a more caring country.

  10. I must disagree with both NY and Myne. There is always something wrong with prostitution. It is by no means a normal way of life, regardless of whether or not it's 'chosen' as one. By the very nature of having a choice, the wrong one can be made and people make bad choices all the time.

    I realize that this one would be matter of ideas about morality so wanted to squeeze that in for the opposing side.

    As to the selling price, ideally there should be no price enough to justify this trade. Practically though, I could see how different standards of living in different countres should be correlated with the amount charged.


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